• Hycon Hydraulic Tools
    Powerful, Efficient, Effective
    Low capital cost, low operating cost = Higher profits
  • Darda Splitters
    Demolish rock & concrete silently
    Quarry your Granite, Marble or Sandstone stone with ease
  • Brokk Demolition Robots
    Versatile machines with wide tool range
    Used in demolition, excavation, tunnelling and more...

Welcome to Tyre Kicker construction & railway equipment honest evaluation of the best tools available

When your looking at equipment that can make your life easier, your business more profitable, by reducing capital purchase costs, running costs and increasing productivity, who do you listen to for advice? Salesmen can lie and often do, or at least bend the truth, we sell you nothing but can proove our advice and the equipment we recommend, does speak for itself, by being the best available.

With our experience in using this equipment as a contractor, in the construction and rail industries, we can honestly say what we firmly believe, good reliable equipment, can and will, make a huge difference to your productivity and profitability.

All the equipment found within here has a synergy, one or more items from the different manufacturers work very well together, obviously they work well on their own but often you find you can increase productivity by mixing methods, on selective demolition and refurbishment projects, you often have to anyway

It is hoped you find the information here helpful. Additional information can be found in Past Projects or Equipment pages and images in our Gallery.

Amazing tools to increase your profits, by improved productivity

  • Hydraulic tools are effective, efficient, ergonomical and easy to use
  • Training your operatives to use these tools and equipment is cost effective
  • Easily transported with very low running and maintenance costs
  • Low capital costs, low operating costs and easy to maintain
  • Incredibly easy to use and transport
  • Hire some of these tools and try them before considering a purchase
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