Wellington Rail Bridge Lighting

Wellington, NSW

John Holland CRN had a major project to undertake, replacing structural beams on a railway bridge over a river. This was going to be 14 days work, teams working 24 hours a day for full 14 days.

The bridge had to be lit from above and below, in order to facilitate the night works, people would be working on the bridge and below it, from scaffold slung under the bridge

After a site visit and talking to the local Engineering Supervisor, a plan was developed to provide the kind of lighting ideally suited to this project, knowledge gained while working in the UK rail industry.

Local staff were trained on the lighting systems and how to install it correctly

Equipment Used

  • Link lights
  • 110 volt rail spec. generators
  • Solar light towers
  • 110 volt transformers
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What happened

An additional problem on this site was the close proximity of occupied dwellings, with the potential for issues over noise and bright lighting at night.

With experience on these issues, which can occur regularly in the UK rail industry, the answer was fairly simple and easy to solve. Solar lighting towers, which recharge during the day from sunlight or 240 volt direct input. These were augmented by diesel balloon tower lights that were strategically placed a distance from housing.

As seen from the photographs, the result was more than acceptable.

Kennards Hire supplied the equipment to John Holland CRN after we had specified it and had it approved for use by JH CRN.

In addition to this, all staff from Kennards who would be working on, or delivering to the project, were put on courses to safely enter the rail corridor and got Pegasus cards, fully complying with the JH CRN requirement.

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