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Manufacture a range of demolition robots and attachments, will also do special builds to meet project specific needs. Built at their facory in Sweden, with dealers or direct sales outlets throughout the world, Brokk robots are the worlds best robot in the construction industry. Anything else is inferior.

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Manufactured in Aalborg, Denmark to an extremely high standard, tried, proven and tested around the world, in the most harsh conditions and are reliable. Easy to transport and maintain, the range of hydraulic tools they supply are outstanding. Found in Hire Outlets world wide and favoured by drilling and sawing contractors. We have used hydraulic hand tools since the 1980's and they just get better and better, these are undoubtably the best available. Try them before you buy, contact us to find a local Hire Outlet that holds them.

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If your a manufacturer or Hire Outlet and we have used your tools and equipment, found them to be first class but not included them here, let us know. Obviously we have used Diamond blades and cores, fixings & fastenings but their is still equipment out there that could be included. If you can proove it's worthy of being here, contact us, Your logo could be here.

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Darda GmbH

Probably being close to being our favourite bit of equipment, built in Blumberg, Germany the Darda splitters are outstanding. We have taken out more granite in a day than a 40 ton excavator could do in a week, really powerful and reliable equipment, low maintenance and very easy to transport. Used in conjuction with the Hycon packs and tools, there is a huge range of projects that can be done. They are easy to operate but you really need to know how to use them, for maximum result and fast learning curve, get your operatives trained on them, preferably on a project with experienced operators.

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Kennards Hire

Kennards Hire have a wide range of equipment suited to the construction industry, including the Darda splitters and Hycon hydraulic tools. Well maintained and with branches throughout Australia, they are well placed to supply equipment for your project. In addition, they now offer rail equipment and stock items from Pandrol, Railtech and Rosenqvist. Contact us for assistance in rail equipment hire, someone here started up their division in April 2013, leaving in November 2014, so have intimate knowledge and good contacts there. They can also help with other specialist equipment. A number of Kennards specialist staff were trained by them.

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