Railtech Railway Equipment

Railtech's primary business is the supply of aluminothermic welding consumables for the rail industry but they do manufacture and supply their own range of rail equipment, plus those of Matweld Inc., a subsidiary company.

A new addition to their welding range is the Startwel® weld ignition system, designed for a constant and reliable ignition of the welding charges, which also make it safer for track technicians.

The equipment range includes the TR75 tensors, which have hydraulic pack designed for use with them, weld shears, rail grinders and a host of hydraulic equipment from Matweld Inc., rail saws, spike pullers and drivers etc.

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Welding/Stressing Equipment

Included in the equipment that compliments their welding consumables, are the required "Bear traps", the clamps, pre-heat torch, slag catchers etc., as well as the TR75 tensors, rail shears and "A" frames, the latter are compulsory for use on Queensland Rail track.

The precision Frog Grinder from Matweld is a particularly good and productive piece of equipment that is ideally suited for use with an ESAB automatic weld system. These can be run utilising Hycon power packs. As can the majority of hydraulic tools offered my Matweld/Railtech. The exception being the high pressure tensors and weld shears.


Being constructed.


Railtech offer training on their equipment range to purchasers and to registered trainers, who already possess TLIW3015A or equivelent, on any new welding process introduced.

Training on equipment can be at your premises, on site, or at Railtech's premises in Acacia Ridge, Qld.

It should be noted that within Australia, only an RTO can issue a qualification nationally recognised and accepted by all track operators, to undertake rail welding on a "Live" track. Railtech also require users of their consumable welding products, to be suitably qualified by Railtech approved trainers.

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