Kempsey Bypass

Kempsey By-pass (Macleay River)

A nice project to undertake, 64 pile caps 1.8 metre in diameter of varying heights with 32mm rebar to be exposed ready for next construction phase. The Darda splitters were used with hydraulic core drill and packs. The holes of 48mm dia. were drilled and splitters offered up and activated, the photos show the result. It took less than 3 hours to do 6 pile caps and that includes lifting time by 100 ton crane!!!

We spent two days with the contractor on those project, teaching them how to do the job and operate the Darda splitters and hydraulic core drill, saw and power packs in a safe and efficient manner.

It should be noted that a senior manager from the RMS remembered me from demolishing a huge granite boulder at Moonbi Hill, NSW Australia ten years earlier using the splitters.

Equipment Used

  • Darda splitters
  • Hydraulic core drill (48mm core 650mm long)
  • Hydraulic hand saw (400mm diamond blade)
  • Hydraulic pack with pressure intensifier to run all tools
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