Hycon Hydraulic Packs & Tools

Hand held hydraulic tools have a low capital cost, very low running and maintenance costs, easy to transport and can be highly profitable for owners.

The Hycon equipment range is manafactured in Aalborg, Denmark to exceedingly high engineering and rigorous quality standards, it is reliable and affordable. Having very recently ran some comparison tests against competing products, we found their equipment range was superior, right across the board.

If you look at the facts, when you compare an air compressor and a breaker, against a hydraulic pack and breaker, you would find you could purchase around 2.5 - 3 complete hydraulic set up's, for the cost of a single compressor and tool.

Then there is running costs, a 32 HP diesel compressor uses 9 litres of fuel an hour, compared to hydraulic unit burning 1.5 litres an hour.............WITH THE SAME OR GREATER BREAKING POWER THAN THE COMPRESSOR!!!!

My Mother never gave birth to a stupid son and I'm never going to disappoint her, which is one of the reasons we use hydraulics and have done for many years.

In addition, the range of hydraulic tools you can run is quite extensive, ideally suited for use in the construction and rail industry, breaking, cutting, drilling, sawing, tamping, de-watering, post-driving, spike-driving etc., etc. See details in catalogue (English)

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Hycon Breakers

There is a wide range of breakers offered, with options on shank sizes for steels on many of them. Smallest breaker in the range is the 10 Kg demolition hammer, it's bigger brothers are the 15, 20, 23, 25 and 27 Kg range of breakers.

Many people who have or are used to using air tools, judge the power of a tool by it's weight. Oblivious or ignorant to the fact that a Hycon 27 Kg breaker has as much, often more, hitting power than a 90 pound air breaker.

If you have never used a hydraulic breaker or tool, you should. We can assist in getting your local dealer to give a trial or demonstration of them.

Hycon hydraulic breakers require very little maintenance, they operate as a "Closed system", so nothing can contaminate the hydraulic oil, after use, hose off any dirt or debris and store them, nothing else needs done, no greasing, no oiling, nothing.

The image on left show HPP18V MULTIFLEX running two breakers at same time.

Road and railway maintenance crews will find a breaker to suit the job they are tasked with, from light chipping, tamping or trimming to heavier concrete and rock breaking tasks. They will also find them lighter, with better breaking or hitting power, than any air tool they might have used.

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Hycon Power Packs

Hycon have petrol, electric and diesel packs, all designed to run their tools and other manufacturers tools, that comply with EHTMA (European Hydraulic Tool Manufacturers Association)specifications , these classify "C" as 20 litre, "D" 30 litre and "E" 40 litre, all shown in a little triangle, also stamped on the tool is the flow requirement and clearly identified on every pack are flow rates.

It is important to ensure correct flow rate chosen for tool being used.

The packs have excellent cooling of the hydraulic system, vital for long life and maintaining viscosity of hydraulic oil, are low maintenance and exceedingly easy to service.

There is a pack suitable for almost all applications and to run the tool range, for example the HPP 13 FLEX, HPP18 FLEX, HPP18E FLEX are extremely versatile and offer multiple flow rates. Choice of pack goes hand in hand with your type of work and tool choices.

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An example of choosing your pack to suit the type of work you do, would be the pack(s) we would run as a Drilling & Sawing Contractor.

For outside work or in well ventilated areas, our choice would be the HPP18V FLEX and/or the HPP18V MULTIFLEX, for internal work or where noise restrictions exist, the HPP18E FLEX. All have the ability to run 20, 30 or 40 lpm (Litres Per Minute) tools.

Any of the above packs would allow us to run any of the saws, the ringsaw, core drills and any other tool we needed to use. In other words, we can run the complete range of Hycon tools.The ability of the HPP18E FLEX to run at 20, 30 or 40 lpm, without incurring heat issues, is a crucial factor in our giving it "Best of class" status.

Click Me: Video of Ringsaw (No engine noise, HPP18E FLEX Pack Used)

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Other Hycon Tools

Hycon have a wide range of tools to offer, obviously there is the breaker range, saws come in 350, 400 and 450mm versions, plus the ringsaw that cuts 300mm in depth. Add to that the two core drills offered, running at 600rpm or 1500rpm, allowing drilling from 25mm - 300mm in diameter. A portable pressurised water container is also offered as an accessory to the drill and saw range.

Post Drivers come in standard or remote valve version, the Post Hole Borer compliments them. There is also a rock drill with an in-built air compressor for flushing the fines and an impressive range of water pumps, capable of handling solids up to 74mm in the HWP4 model with a head of 14 metres and a flow rate of 204 cubic metre an hour.

The tools can also be ran from other sources, such as excavators, Bobcat's, back-hoe or tele-handler by utilising the flow control device, which is an accessory. See details in catalogue (English)

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