Darda concrete splitters & crunchers

Darda Splitters are used widely around the planet on a wide variety of projects and are a very highly regarded tool, our Past Projects pages can show how we have, in the past, used them ourselves on difficult and challenging work.

There is a wide range of splitters with a variety of wedges to suit different needs and tasks, the two most widely used in the Construction and Demolition industry are the C9N with 200 tons of effective splitting force and C12N cylinders with 365 tons of effective splitting force. The image (above left) was taken at South West Rocks, NSW when we assisted the contractor in removing huge granite floaters, that were where the Medical Centre now sits.

Power packs to run them come in single and 3 phase electric, petrol, diesel and air. Pressure intensifiers can also be used to utilise an existing hydraulic source, the hydraulic power packs from Hycon are ideal for the task, or even a small excavator when fitted with a flow control device.

Depending on the power source and manner of drilling, you can undertake demolition work virtually silently, there is no dust, noise or vibration when using a Darda splitter. We prefer, in most cases to use a hydraulic core drill from a suitable pack, 3 phase for internal or noise restriction work, petrol or diesel in other areas. The Hycon range of power packs and tools are perfect for this.

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There is only one word to describe these tools ....AWESOME!!!

If you cannot make money with these machines, do jobs that 100 ton excavators cannot do, in places that you would need a donkey to carry your equipment to, I'd say you need extensive training on them, (Which we can provide), or "All your Roo's are not feeding in the same paddock"!!!

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With expanding wedges, the opening can be as much as 60mm and will snap up to 20mm rebar in concrete, provided it's not the ancient round bar, that just pulls!!! Oxy-cutting gets that though. All you need are these splitters, HCS 6 Combi-Shears with Jaws, a Hycon pack, core drill, ringsaw, 400mm hydraulic saw and 27Kg breaker and your earning good $$$$ in no time. Experience, or good training, helps.

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There has been a number of projects where we worked, particularly in the Northern Beaches area and around Sydney, where we took out the stone in blocks, the contractor selling them on, or cutting them into blocks for sale to public, at garden centre's etc. This is a great way of reducing your excavation and rock demolition costs, it might add an extra hour a day in a bit more prep work, but the saving can be substantial. One extension we worked on at Brooklyn, NSW was built using the Sandstone we excavated from under the house. For general production work in a quarry, these can certainly save time and effort, with less wastage and reduced cutting consumables cost.

The ability to EARN from your excavation work, you and/or your customer benefits from it, dimensional stone is in demand and to turn tip fees into cash, by taking stone out in usable blocks, has a wide range of benefits, from a financial, ecological and environmental point of view.

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HCS 6 Combi-Shears

Great equipment, versatile and powerful. Ideal for work in occupied buildings or where noise a major issue. On virtually every job we were on with the splitters, the Jaw Set was working with us, cutting rebar or pushing and lifting the rock or concrete.

Version are B: Brick Jaws, C: Cutter Jaws (Our favourite), J: Concrete Cruncher, S: Steel Cutting. The beauty is, once you purchase a machine with a set of jaws, you can add other jaw sets later, it does not take long to change them over.

Click Me: Video HCS 6 Combi Shears

The photo on left shows how the jaws are used, for rock demolition work, in fact for almost ANY kind of demolition work, a set of jaws make your life easier.

Demolition strip outs and refurbishment projects in hospitals, old persons dwellings, schools, any occupied building where work has to be done, quietly, these are a MUST HAVE in your tool kit.

Concrete Crushers

The Darda range of concrete crushers and steel cutters have, for a very long time, been used on Brokk demolition robots, it's our firm belief, that it this equipment that really made the robots as popular as they are, particularly in the early days.

Fitted to standard mini excavators 0.9 - 15 ton, they can be ruthlessly effective.

Models are: CC260, CC340, CC420, CC520 & CC700

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Two steel cutters are offered CC420S & CC700S.

The smaller unit suitable for use on excavators 3 - 6 ton range and the CC700S on machines in the 7 - 15 ton range. Ideal for use on demolition projects where a lot of steel is present, scrap processing and also track renewal projects in the rail industry.

Small contractors can do big jobs with these, two 15 ton machines on a job, one with a crusher, one with steel cutter can really produce a lot of rubble, quietly!!!

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