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We do not sell any products, we do not charge for information provided.

Having been contractors ourselves, we understand how hard it is to get the right kind of impartial information to make an informed purchase decision. In the early days mistakes were made by us in purchasing equipment, this prooved costly and we learned from it. Over 25 years of being a contractor in the construction and railway industries, still in contact with the best suppliers and their worldwide dealer networks, we would like to freely share what we know.

We are happy to help others to avoid re-inventing the wheel, by sharing our knowledge and experience, not only in the equipment we prefer to use, but also how to undertake projects successfully with it.

Our best skills

Diamond drilling, sawing and selective demolition in confined or occupied spaces.

Training operatives on the safe use, operation and maintenance of the equipment we recommend here.

Specifying what equipment to use on a particular project, including advising on work methods.

Training operatives on the safe use, operation and maintenance of track maintenance equipment.

Consultancy and support on projects where we have expertise in construction and rail industry .

Use of Hand Held Hydraulic Tools
Selective Demolition
Operation of Track Maintenance Equipment

Who we are

To provide information on equipment and techniques in our areas of expertise, to find a local dealer for you, provide user and parts manuals. There are no charges, fees, hidden catches or obligation to take our advice. I have visited many construction & and railway industry shows where you can see what's on offer, I heard a salesman at a stand refer to someone as a "Tyre Kicker", Google it!!! This might save you a trip to a trade show. Why do we have this site?

If you did not click on the link above on why we have this site, then read on. We like to help. When I started work in the construction industry I ran around like a headless chicken trying to find the best equipment to use, it pleases me that I can assist others in avoiding bad purchases and equipment mistakes. It also helps that we are not salesmen but have many years of experience in using it. Hand held hydraulic tools

Each and every manufacturer of the equipment we endorse and recommend, has a long established reputation for excellence in quality, reliability and support. Why we recommend them is fairly straightforward, open and honest. We use the very same equipment ourselves, as our Past Projects section will testify. You cannot better the best and the ones we have here are. What is good about them?

There is a distinct difference between a dealer and a reseller. Dealers have high knowledge of the equipment and local customs and work methods, they have manufacturers support, resellers usually purchase from the Master Dealer and add a margin, not all but the majority, are just box shifters, with no knowledge or experience in the equipment. What dealer has the lowest prices?

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