Pentruder Wall & Wire Saws

Undoubtly the best wall and wire saws in the world, you would also really struggle to get a better drilling system. Pentruder systems by Tractive have it all.

Diamond drilling, sawing and cutting systems have improved hugely since the 1980's, when we here first started using them, funnily enough, the best drilling systems then were from Gearmech and the DCM2 from Hilti, both designed by the driving force behind the Pentruder range, Anders Johnsen.

Pentruder have modular systems of wall saws, wire saws and drilling systems in HF (Electric) or hydraulic and have a range of suitable packs and power systems to run them. It's almost like the diamond drilling & sawing industries version of Leggo, you can just keep adding components once you have a basic system.

If your in the industry, you will have heard the name, if your not using any Pentruder equipment, you are not doing your business any favours, it is the best available on this planet and the seven others closest to it!!!

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Pentruder Wall Saws

Depending on what kind of jobs you are doing, there is a wide range of Pentruder wall saws, powered by electric high frequency motors or hydraulic, all offering many features which will increase the productivity of the operator.

The blade range these saws will run are from 600mm diameter to 2000mm in diameter on the 8-20 hydraulic or 8-20HF and 8-20IQ, which are electric. There is a saw to suit most needs and budgets.

The power units are designed to operate the range, including the drilling systems and the wire saw.

The Pentpak range of power packs are specifically designed to run the equipment range, like the equipment, they are well designed, easily transported and very efficient.

To operate a full range of Pentruder equipment simply by connecting the same Pentpak, remote control, motor and cables to a wallsaw, a wire saw or a core drill. It all fits together and gives unsurpassed flexibility.

The Pentpak high frequency (HF-)power packs are made from top quality components chosen for their reliability and longevity. The frequency inverter is for instance built to produce 24/7 for thousands of hours.

The Pentpak 427, 422 and 418 are made for 380 - 480 volt and the Pentpak 222, 218 and 200 are made for 200 - 230 volt.

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Pentruder Drilling Systems

All Pentruder Core Drills offer high performance and productivity. They are reliable and easy to handle. Choose between the Pentruder MDU Core Drill - NTGRAĀ® which can be run on either 1-phase or 3-phase electrical input power and the Pentruder MD1 which can be powered by a hydraulic motor, a HF-motor (same as the HF-wall saws) or the MDU9 Modular Drive Unit.

Professional tools for people who know what they are doing!!!!

Personally I would have used a twin column system but, hat's off to these contractors, for drilling a single column 1 metre in diameter hole using a Pentruder MD1 drill.

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Having been contractors for many years, using this equipment, seeing how it has developed and been improved over the years, I am still in awe of the genius behind it.

Versatility and ability to undertake demanding work and complete it on time, safely and efficiently, one word covers why Pentruder equipment should be used. Profitability.

The Pentruder drilling systems are totally outstanding, versatile, powerful, affordable and capable. Time is money, increase in productivity = increase in profits. Good training for your operatives is the required key to success.

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Pentruder Wire Saws

Wire saws are used extensively in the quarry, demolition, refurbishment and nuclear industries, they have even been used in the recovery of sunken nuclear submarines (Kursk). Anyone who has done the Sydney Bridge Climb has walked through a tunnel, formed by Greg Berry using a wire saw and assisted by ourselves with Darda splitters. Next time you walk it, check the boot and bit of timber on the left wall, it's the only spot the wire , "Kicked out" a bit.

The Pentruder 3P8 wire saw machine combines low weight with very high power and suits both small and big jobs. No concrete structure is too small or too big to be cut with the Pentruder wire saw.

The 3P8 wire saw can be used with high frequency or hydraulic drive and it can be built on the saw track (MCCS) or on the 70 mm column. A complete concrete cutting system! Quick and fairly easy to set up.

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