Erkat Rotary Cutters

If your in the excavation or demolition business, the Erkat range of hydraulic rotary cutters should be high on your attachments list. Their is a vast range to suit a host of applications.

Trenching and forming pits is made easy using one of a range of cutters, to suit various applications, highly effective and productive with surprisingly low operational costs. Time is money, you can get the job done quickly and efficiently, with a rotary cutter fitted to an excavator, or suitable carrier machine.

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ER Rotary Cutters

The ER RANGE of transverse drum cutters are ideally suited for trenching, tunnelling, special foundation work, demolition and for soil mixing.

The operating characteristics of ERKAT ROTARY DRUM CUTTERS allow them to be used in noise and vibration sensitive areas.

By changing the cutter drums, Erkat transverse drum cutters can be easily converted to suit several special applications such as tunnelling, profiling, or cutting wood.

The ERU RANGE from Erkat represents a new generation of rotation units, tough enough for use with rotary drum cutters in tunnelling, trenching and profiling applications. The rotation units are long-lasting, robust and low-maintenance. When combined with the endlessly rotating ERKAT ROTATION UNITS, rotary drum cutters can be located in the ideal position to meet cutting requirements. All rotation units have a hydraulic swivel joint as standard allowing endless rotation of the rotary drum cutter.

The range of Erkat Cutters is extensive

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Erkat Drum Cutters

Typical applications for Erkat longitudinal drum cutters include trenching, accurate excavation of special shaped excavations, slag removal in steel mills, cleaning pile tops and soil mixing.Longitudinal drum cutters are driven by a powerful radial piston motor creating extremely high cutting forces. The robust cutter drums together with their secure fixing method enable them to operate in the most demanding conditions.

Consoles can be supplied with different lengths to suit a variety of applications.

By exchanging the cutter head, the Erkat longitudinal drum cutter can easily be converted into a robust ADU auger drive unit for vertical and horizontal holes.

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The EX RANGE of patch planers are ideally suited for repairing asphalt paving or cleaning contaminated material from concrete or screed surfaces. With mechanically or hydraulically adjustable depth control, it is possible to remove material with high precision to a depth of 19 cm.

ERKAT EXACTOR cold planers can be mounted on excavators and backhoes without any modifications.

Thanks to the optional mounting bracket, they can also be fitted

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ERW and EK & ES Range

Designed specifically as an excavator attachment, the ERW range of cutter wheels has two high torque hydraulic motors per wheel, guaranteeing a powerful cutting force for higher than expected performance in medium hard rock up to 80 MPa uniaxial compressive strength or re-enforced concrete.

Similar to the above, is the ERKAT FLEXATOR ES, it is a true multi-purpose machine, just as useful for removing tree stumps as it is for cutting narrow slots in asphalt or concrete or for accurate removal of material from horizontal or vertical surfaces. It is available in eight sizes for excavators or skid steers from 1 to a maximum of 23 tons.

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The Erkator is the first chain cutter of it's type on the market. Designed for use on excavators from 25 to 45 tons, it can work in stone with a uniaxial compressive strength up to 80 MPa.

Narrow and deep trenches, from 800 mm wide can be excavated efficiently, accurately and with minimum vibration.The chain cutter could also be used for the removal of soft to medium hard material, with hardness from 15 to 60 MPa, where drilling and blasting is not allowed.

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